Intelligent Protectionof Intellectual Property
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Brand protection and Anti-piracy


A unique monitoring system based on the machine learning and artificial intelligence which collects information from the Internet 24 hours a day in order to find any reference to the brand (keywords, logos), pictures, video and audio files of the rights holder.

The research is conducted through marketplaces, websites, social networks, mobile applications, paid search and other resources.


By means of machine learning the system evaluates the threat level of the resource, calculates the amount of damage for the right holder, quantity of sold goods, seller’s stocks, builds neural links that help detect the entire infrastructure of the infringer (telephone number, e-mail address, domain names, accounts in social networks and on marker platforms). The results of the research are processed by a team of experienced analysts.


(pre-trial infringement removal)

Based on the detected information the team of professional analysts carries out pre-trial infringement removal actions including drafting and forwarding cease and desisting letters or warning the infringers, administrators of websites, social networks and searching aggregators, domain name owners, providers of Internet services (registrars, hosting-providers) asking to delete the infringing content. On some market platforms infringements are removed through moderators accounts.

The communication is conducted in the native language of the infringer in more than 16 countries of the world (Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Japan) that provides an opportunity for a timely removal of infringements.


Two types of monthly reports are available: one for the Business and the other for Lawyers.

Business report includes: key indicators, charts, statistics, the list of the most threatening resources, quantity and dynamics of removed infringements, main brand risks and threats, price range for products and other indicators.

Legal report is a more detailed progress report that contains statistics of detected and removed infringements, response timeline (amount of enforcement actions with communication date), detailed information on infringing websites (registrar, hosting-provider, registration date, country, etc.).

The Client is also given access to the client’s portal containing complete information regarding current projects status and reports that can be downloaded at any time.

Domain owner identification

Information about an individual - domain name owner is protected by personal data protection law and can be obtained only by filing a special advocate request. Our attorneys send such requests on a regular basis and receive required information which is absolutely necessary for taking legal actions.