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Brand Protection On-line

How to protect your brand on the Internet and why it is so important?

Brand protection solutions today are in a higher demand than ever. It can be explained by the fact that most of the work in the field of brand protection online is now carried out by artificial intelligence rather than brand protection managers manually. The AI based platforms monitor web resources, analyse the collected data and provide the results to specialists to work on.

In the modern world online and offline retailers, brand owners and IP rights holders face the problem of counterfeiting on a daily basis. Fake goods copying or imitating original brands can inflict substantial damage to the manufacturer and affect its reputation. The brand owner that care about its customers have to protect their brands from such threats and that’s what Gorodissky IP Security can help with.

Learn how to protect your business from major online threats

Gorodissky IP Security offers brand protection solutions against the following threats:

  • Fraud
  • Brand misuse and online fraud
  • Counterfeit product
  • Illegal online sale and distribution of counterfeit goods
  • Piracy
  • Distribution of illegal copies of digital content

How does it work?

1 step: Monitoring

To ensure full brand protection online the system monitors more than 3 million resources, including:

  • domain names databases,
  • aggregators,
  • marketplaces,
  • social media,
  • search engines,
  • phishing resources,
  • web-services,
  • mobile app stores,
  • paid adds,
  • messengers,
  • P2P,
  • live streaming services,
  • and other.

Our online monitoring platform is the unique brand protection solution that uses artificial intelligence to collect data using keywords, logos, video and audio files of the rights holder.

2 step: Detection of infringements

Based on cutting-edge technology the Gorodissky IP Security platform automatically detects infringements and classifies them depending on nature of the infringement:

  • fraud
  • brand misuse
  • piracy
  • counterfeiting

The results of the automated search are verified by the team of expert analysts.

3 Step: Elimination of infringements

A wide range of pre-trial settlement measures can eliminate of 85% of infringements in average. Besides, the platform allows analyzing the collected data and investigating the size of activity of particular sellers to identify the most serious infringers and take legal actions against them.

Pre-trial measures

This is the most preferred method among our brand protection solutions.

  • Sending take down notices
  • Blocking websites
  • Removal of illegal content

We are the leading service provider in Russia&CIS countries speaking in native languages with the infringers that helps to have the infringements eliminated timely.

Complementary services

  • Free Brand Health Report
  • Personal account manager
  • Strategic consulting by brand protection professional and lawyer
  • Identification of the domain name owner by sending a special advocate request (according to the applicable local law of Russia)